Wedding honey

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Now, thanks to our creator, you can design sweet jars yourself!
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120 years of beekeeping tradition
20 years in business
ikonka ulu
1000 years of Polish honey history

Our story

We are a family business that has been successfully maintaining the intergenerational tradition of Cossack beekeeping for over 20 years. Our headquarters are located in southeastern Poland, in the ecological region of Central Roztocze.

Our apiaries consist of more than 1,000 bee colonies situated among forests, meadows and fields abounding in different varieties of nectar, which makes our honey the pure essence of nature. The most important goal of our company is to provide natural and highest quality products from ecologically clean areas of Poland. Thus, we check the quality of honey at several stages of production. We pay special attention to meeting global standards and European requirements in our production.

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Miodowa Kompozycja

15 jars (each contains about 50g of product)

"Miodowa Kompozycja" is a wooden box with 15 jars filled with honey and bee products loved by our customers.

Available in two versions.

Not sure which honey to choose?

Each type of honey is unique. Use our wizard and find the one, just right for you!

honeys with fruit

A perfect combination of natural honey and aromatic fruits. This duo creates a creamy texture that will delight any gourmet.

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