Beehive-therapy as a new direction in Api-therapy

It relies on inhaling the air from the bee hives, which emerges from the hives into the room where the person is staying. The air coming from the hive is free of bacteria, viruses and pathogenic fungi. An additional advantage is the possibility of being surrounded by such a large number of bees, where beneficial energy is released and the air is ionized.

This method uses knowledge from years of experience and observation - the unity of man and nature. It has been confirmed that the energy that bees produce is identical to the energy emitted by humans. Human contact with such energy, supports the growth of life forces, reduces perceived fatigue. The vibrations that are created in the hive, which are not perceptible to the visitor, have a beneficial effect not only on the general condition of the body, but also on the rate of metabolism. In turn, the scent of natural honey, propolis, wax, bee pollen has a beneficial effect on virtually all human organ systems: the central nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular systems. A quickly noticeable effect is a definite improvement in the quality of sleep.

What are the most popular reasons for using Ulo-therapy:

  • insomnia, diseases of the nervous system (paresis, neuritis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy),
  • continuous fatigue syndrome,
  • urinary system diseases (nephritis, prostatitis),
  • rheumatic diseases,
  • heart disease (raised blood pressure),
  • respiratory diseases (frequent respiratory infections, chronic pneumonia, bronchial asthma and others),
  • chronic headache, frequent migraines,
  • states of depression and stress,
  • allergies,
  • weakening of the immune system,
  • prophylaxis to support the treatment of many other diseases.

You can stay in the Api-home from 10 minutes to as much as 8h-12h (stay overnight in the Api-Home). During inhalation in the Api-home, you can sit comfortably or even stay in a reclining position.

Thanks to Api-therapy, we can find ourselves extremely close to the wildest nature - literally feeding on it and drawing its good, healing energy!

Our "Api-homes" are made entirely of natural materials. Most of the structures are special varieties of wood. At each "Api-home" we assemble from 2 to 4 beehives full of bees, which means that in one api-therapy house there are almost 200 thousand bees in a completely safe way for the occupant!

Even after the first inhalation session, one feels an improvement in physical and mental state and a surge of vitality.

Apitherapy (from the Latin word apis meaning bee) is the therapeutic use of products produced by bees.

Bee products include honey, propolis, pollen, feather, royal jelly, bee venom (known as apitoxin therapy), wax, wax candle burning and apiinhalation (ulotherapy).

Bee products are used in the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, skin and mucous membrane diseases, hemorrhoids, gynecological conditions, among others.